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Bike Sizing, and how the best things can be in small packages!

Jonno Leonard - Friday, April 13, 2018

How do you choose the ebike that’s the right size for you? Read on to find out…

Firstly, let us consider your cycling experience. Have you spent years in the saddle, or are you a new, or returning rider? How sprightly are you? Can you hop off and on with ease, or would you like a bike that makes life easier for you?

We recommend that for novice riders, you make sure you can get the balls of your feet both firmly down on the ground while seated. This gives you a stable base when you are stopped, and starting off.  This has often been a problem for smaller riders, as the standard bike size with 26” wheels often come up a bit big for anyone under 5’5” (165cm). To get around this, we have introduced the SmartMotion ECity 24”, and the Hikobike Pulse 24” into our range. Both of which have smaller frames to match the smaller wheels, and can be ridden by children and smaller adults alike with ease!

However, this lower saddle mode isn’t the most efficient position to be cycling in, as the more experienced among you will know. For a proper pedal stroke you want to be almost fully extending your leg on the downstroke, meaning you will need a taller saddle height and definitely need to be coming off the front of the saddle to touch the ground when you are stopped. Or you will topple gracefully to the ground.

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