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'E-Bikes Are For Soft People!'

Jonno Leonard - Sunday, November 27, 2016

We just got back from the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. Luke was riding the 80km with his Takapuna Grammar School cycle team (top team in the country, I'll have you know!), and I had dutifully cheered from various vantage points as was making my way in the family hauler with the rest of the brood to meet up at the finish. So it was a 'share the road' situation, and a good-natured competitor clocked my plate as he cruised past, and pointed out to me (the driver of the rumbling beast) that 'E-Bikes are for soft people'! The cheek!!

Admittedly, I think we can agree they can provide a 'softer' option, and it's hard to argue with someone who has just cycled 160kms 'unassisted' that they may have a small point, but a true 'soft person' bike? I think we need to define 'soft person'! Let's face it, to be an urban cyclist especially you still need to possess a quota of daring-do. Traffic issues remain the same, electric or not, weather is still weather, and you can choose how much pedal-pushing you do, so you might be feeling fantastic and be doing (nearly) all the work yourself sometimes. Soft? I think not! 

If I encountered the gentleman again I would perhaps suggest that we e-bikers are in fact 'sophisticated' bikers. I feel we are giving ourselves the option of choice, and that we can have as tough a shell as any traditional cyclist on our day. But perhaps, a bit like a cream egg, just with a slightly softer centre...

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