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Hard habits to break

Jonno Leonard - Saturday, August 20, 2016

Old habits can be hard to break, and one I am often guilty of is assuming a local commute is further than it is, and that the motorway will be quick, and that I should really take the car. Take this example.....

So the appointment is off Constellation Drive and I am in Devonport. Hmm, seems like miles away. Into the car. Crawl down Lake Road. Queue like a sheep for over 10 minutes to even get on the motorway. 6 cars across every lights change. Hmm. Zoom up the motorway, that was quick. Queue to get off. Queue to turn onto Constellation Drive. Slow down Constellation, turn off. Nowhere to park. Waste more time parking. Is it quick? No, not at all! Was it going to be quick in my head before I set off? Sure it was, but in my mind it was a smooth run door-to-door, and it is NEVER that! (unless it's midnight, and even then...)

So I did the route by bike. 25 minutes. No parking issues, no queuing. Up the East Coast Road, less cars, lots of fresh air, sea views.

What's my point? That many places are closer than you think they are, and while driving may give you bursts of 100km/h ground-covering speed, there are also long periods of 'tap the wheel and get frustrated' stationaryness. And that overall, while you are not exactly a tortoise on a bike, you can often beat the hare in the car, just though consistent forward motion! 

So that's my goal for the spring, to challenge myself to bike further, and I bet I find the city is smaller than I thought. Join me?

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