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Not biking to work yet? Here's 9 good reasons to do it!

Jonno Leonard - Sunday, February 26, 2017

1. It's really fun!

Biking is exhilarating, and allows you to leave your cares behind, at least for the time you are in the saddle! Zooming along is a rush, and reminds you of a simpler time when 'going out to play on your bike' was an activity in itself, rather than a means to an end. Enjoy it!

2. It is mindful

In our hectic lives it is hard to be 'present moment'. Ringing phones, demanding colleagues and family, all serve to keep you reacting to other people's agendas. Riding your bike allows you to concentrate on a  simple activity, and be  'in the moment'. Which prepares you well for the day ahead. 

3. It is physically good for you

Dur, you don't say! But let's not forget, burning calories, raising your heart rate, strengthening muscles, lowering blood pressure, boosting energy.....all come for free when you ride to work.

4. It saves you money

This could be a biggie for a lot of readers. Maintaining a  bike (yes, you have to do it occasionally) is a lot cheaper than maintaining a car, and while an ebike runs on cents of electricity, and a pure pedaler runs on carbohydrates alone, just chucking gas in the car is enough to make you weep, before you get into insurance, rego, WOF checks and so on. And don't even think about city centre parking!

5. Fresh air all round

Of course you are getting it, but going without the car means everyone else is getting it too. CO2 exhaust gases are one of the biggest polluters of our atmosphere, and vehicle exhausts are a prime culprit. So breath deep and pat yourself on the back.

6. Biking to work makes you smarter!

Studies have shown that regular moderate exercise prevents cognitive decline, sharpens memory and cognitive powers and boosts overall brain processes. Couple that with the mindfullness and mental relaxation benefits, and you will be a regular Einstein in that first morning meeting!

7. It's convenient

At first you may think 'nah, my car is convenient', but factor in the traffic jams and delays, endless queuing, stress and dickhead other drivers, trying to find a park, and the walk from your park to your job, and suddenly zipping up to the front of your building, casually coasting to a halt whilst avoiding all of the above, and 'convenient' could be the first word that comes to mind.

8. It's liberating 

We all perform at our best when we are fizzing with endorphins, pumped up on life, and brimming with possibilities and opportunities. Arriving at work with a grin on your is the best way to start your day

9. You get to experience more!

You see and hear more on a bike than in a car. Your are more alert to your surroundings, and you never know what you will pick up on that can be useful. That cute villa you just noticed was for sale, that new bakery that smelled yum when you rode past....being receptive to your surroundings helps you feel more engaged with your community and the world around you. 

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