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Scooters have grown up!

Jonno Leonard - Thursday, December 08, 2016

Scooters are for kids, right? So why have you started seeing grown men (and women) on them, and how come they are doing 25km/h these days??

You perhaps associate a scooter with a scabby knee and a face-full of ice cream (nothing wrong with a face-full of ice cream, at any age, btw). Here is why that game has suddenly all changed, and what you need to know about it. 

My scooter pulls 25-27km/h on the flat. It climbs hills like a mountain goat, stops on a dime, has a 35km range, still packs in the car boot, and looks kinda cool (I think). It's the latest in lithium-ion battery powered high tech, and it makes a shortish trip into a total blast!

The frame is lightweight and rigid, charging is fast and easy, throttle is a thumb lever, brakes are excellent, some even have lights fitted and one has suspension!

You don't pull tricks (voids your warranty, and they don't give these things away in Xmas crackers, they are still an investment), and you don't ride in the rain (spoils your cool scooter-babe/scooter-dude clothes), but a dry day and a sense of adventure and you are jet-propelled!

We have people doing leaflet drops on them (SO quick), replacing a mobility scooter with them, taking them on the ferry (easier than a bike!), even driving with them in the boot of the car then parking outside the CBD and riding in to save a fortune on parking....

For something a bit different, and a lot of fun, scootering could be a blast from the past that gives you a blast in the future!

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