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The child-like wonder of biking (and rope swings)

Jonno Leonard - Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Can you remember the last time you did something you loved as a child but never did as a grown-up? Childhood is filled with grin-on-the-face experiences, stuff you do 'just for fun'. Running. Leaping. Swinging. Whizzing along on whatever you have. And what are the commonalities with these experiences? Motion, in the main. Wind in your hair, sun on your face. And often as a shared experience, egging each other on with other like-minded wind/sun junkies. 

Remember just 'going out on your bike'. Not even anywhere in particular, just 'out'. Because moving around felt better than sitting still. And then you got big, and everything changed. You only went to 'places'. And you drove, because now you had a car. And you learned to complain about other people in their cars, because that's what you do when you are in a car. And you started sitting still. Maybe you bought a convertible, because you held onto a memory of the wind/sun sensation and wanted to recapture it.

The good news is, the experience and sensations are still there for the taking, and they are just as fun as they always were. You might have kids now that would love you to join them or lead them. You might have an office job that locks you away for the best part of the day and a commute that locks you away for the rest. You might be 'busy'. But take the opportunity to wind back the clock to a simpler time, and check back in with doing the simple things that create grin-on-your-face experiences. You may be past the rope-swing (take it from me though, they are REALLY awesome!), but making time to get on your bike will help you connect with a fundamental sense of enjoyment that energises your whole life. 

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