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The helmet that thinks for you!

Jonno Leonard - Friday, March 10, 2017
Bike helmets have come a long way from their humble beginnings in polystyrene. Nowadays you can find any helmet to suit your needs, from the aerodynamic racing style to the airbag helmets for the stylish urban cyclist. However, in this digital era, the new Livall helmet takes the cake.

It seems everything has a 'smart' version and now bicycle helmets have one too. Far from a gimmick, these neat helmets increase your visibility on the roads and can send SOS alerts to your emergency contact if you fall.

Increased Visibility: Armed with tail lights and flashing turn signals (and of course your high vis gear!), your presence and your direction cannot be missed. All you need is to press a button on your bike attachment; perfect if you are getting backing into the groove of cycling so you can avoid flailing your arm to turn and risk falling off! Which brings me to...

SOS Alerts: If you take a fall while cycling, the helmet will automatically send a message with your location to your emergency contact and light up for extra visibility in the dark. Great for if you are cycling alone and unable to call for help.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Where would we be without our phones? While some take the mindful approach to cycling, others like to work while they workout. You can easily take those calls on your cycle route, with phone connected via Bluetooth and easy speaking and listening with wind-resistant microphone and speakers, you won't have to yell to be heard. Even better, text messages can be converted to voice and read to you while you ride.
 If you prefer to listen to music while you ride, just connect your phone and press play! The front of the helmet has buttons to play and select new tracks so you can stay on that beat buzz.

Group Chat: If you cycle in a group, you and your buddies can chat to each other without shouting over the wind and cars, as the helmets can connect together and act as a 'walkie-talkie' system within a 10m range.

Customisation: The indicator function requires a gadget to put on your handlebar for easy selection, but it can even be used to take photos of your journey. With the Nano Cadence Sensor, you can even track your speed, distance and calories burned. The helmets come in two sizes and multiple colours - for comfortable fit and to suit your sense of style.

These charged up helmets are certainly smart with a whole lot more than head protection to offer!

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