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Winter Riding Rules!

Jonno Leonard - Friday, April 07, 2017
With the chaos brought on by onslaughts of torrential rain storms and flooding, you might be thinking it is time to put the bike into hibernation for winter. Though riding in a cool summer breeze, with the warm sun on your back is certainly preferred, here are some tips to brave the weather and keep that cycling routine going!

Tyres: Your first contact with the ground - they need to stay sturdy and true, more so in the unpredictable weather of winter. If your cycle route is prone to icing over or snowing, you should invest in some studded tyres to keep you from slipping and sliding over the roads.
 If you are more likely to encounter torrents of rain, sticking to usual should be fine. The oval shaped contact of your usual tyres will keep you glued to the road.

Clothing: Just like those camping trips - woolen layers are you best friend. To keep warm, you want to keep your base layers dry so of course, wear a raincoat. Unsure if your mac is up to the task? Stand in the shower with it on for a few minutes and see if you stay dry! Gore-text is effective but pricey - DWR (Durable Water Repellent) clothing keeps you warm and dry at a lower price tag.
 If you don't want to fork out for expensive merino gear and your local camping store is not having a sale, check out some op shops for budget friendly gear.

Bag: Make sure your bag is water-proof or at the very least covered with something that is! You don't want to get to work and find your laptop water-logged. Pack spare clothes to keep your work clothes clean and unsweaty.

Road-Spray: To avoid road-spray, you can install fenders above your tyres (if you don't already have them) to help reduce splash-back. When buying, ensure the fenders fit your wheel circumference and width.

Lights: A necessity when riding at night and important for visibility in the rain, too. If you haven't bought an awesome Smart Helmet, then fit your bike out with a head and tail light to keep you safe.

Glasses: To avoid rain pelting your eyes or ruining your make up, water repellent glasses can help with vision and avoiding the face-melt make-up look. They should be clear or yellow tinted to help with visibility.

Leave Early: So you have enough time to get into your work gear without feeling flustered and sweaty. (Though armed with an E-bike, you'll shoot along and get out of the rain as soon as possible!)

...But if the roads flood and a sinkhole opens, it is probably best to take the car or bus after all!

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