bring you freewheeling freedom and endless fun!

Our electric bike motors multiply your cycling efforts, so hills disappear, and journeys seem effortless.
You can pedal as little or as much as you want. Get fitter, feel freer, move faster.
Choose the way you ride through your world. There’s an e-bike style for everyone, and they are all here!


Think Electric Bikes stand for freedom of mobility.

We realise there are better, funner, healthier transport solutions than more roads and more cars. So we bring you fantastic, futuristic, and fun-fuelled personal transport in the form of e-bikes, electric-powered bicycles.


Pedego are the leading American brand of electric bike, and naturally offer a top-class product.

We love the Pedego Cruiser model, which has no comparable local equivalent, and are delighted to be able to offer it to you.

We are proud to represent SmartMotion, a Kiwi success story, founded on the development of the SmartMotion eDrive system for the NZ post delivery bikes (tough job!). We feel SmartMotion have an exceptional electric bike range offering both value and performance, backed by local distribution.

Your one-stop e bikes shop

E-bikes require no licence, no special skills, and there are no restrictions to your enjoyment. You can choose from beachy cruiser, cheeky step-thru, mighty mountain bike, sporty street bike, cool commuter bike…...your style, your bike, your choice.

We are here to help you get it right, and choose the perfect e bike!

A little about us
- We are based in Devonport, and the business is owned by myself Jonno, and my wife, Annaliese. With 3 kids, 2 of whom race bikes for their schools, there is always plenty of pedalling going on at home, and at work!